• How can I open an account at NPSC?
    • Jordan: a potential client can visit to our offices to sign all necessary documents.
    • Other: a potential client can visit our website www.mahfaza.com.jo and press on Open an Account today, these documents should be signed by the client were it is indicated and all signatures should be confirmed by your bank and be sent via courier.
  • What are the documents that need to be presented by me to be able to open an account at NPSC?
    • Natural Person:
      1. 18 years and above; a valid Identification Card for Jordanians, and for Foreigners a valid Passport.
      2. underage children (0-18 years); a copy of the Family Book with the guardian for Jordanians , and for Foreigners any document that proves that you are the guardian of the underage children as well as a valid passport.
    • Legal Person: (Companies, Trade Unions, Corporations, Municipalities, Religious Denominations, Funds …etc) a copy of the commercial registration Certificate (Corporate control registration document to non-operating foreign companies) and document of authorized signatories issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.
  • Do you charge a fee to open an account at NPSC?

    No charge to open account.

  • How much does the company charge as commission?

    0.74% per buy or sell voucher , in addition to the imposed tax .

  • What is the minimum commission charged?

    1 JOD per buy or sell voucher when the volume of transaction is less than JOD 140.

  • How does the commission get deducted?

    The commissions get calculated automatically and are shown on the buy and sell vouchers after execution of order.

  • When do you issue a cheque?

    After 48 working hours for the sell order, with a request from the client.

  • What are the procedures for the client to receive the cheque?

    A valid Identification card is required to record personal data, ID number, and place of issuance to document it on the Payment Voucher.

  • Can another person receive my Cheque?

    You can authorize another person to receive the cheque on your behalf.

  • I have sold some shares on behalf of my underage children (0-18 years), can you issue a cheque in my name?

    Cheques are issued for each client (account) separately and can be cashed at the bank under the rules and regulations of the Central Bank of Jordan.

  • Can you issue a transfer to my bank account since I am foreigner?

    We can transfer the money to your bank account after we have received your bank name and account number, you will be charged with all the expenses incurred by NPSC.

  • How can I track my Statement of Transactions, Portfolio and available Cash ?

    By calling the Accounting Department on +962 6 560 9000, or through our Website www.mahfaza.com.jo.

  • What are the services that NPSC offers to it's clients?
    • Brokerage
    • Research & Studies
    • what are the services that the Research and Studies Department offer to its clients?
      • Tailored Studies on Companies listed and unlisted in Amman Stock Exchange.
      • Financial Consultation in Technical and Fundamental Analysis.
      • Monitor and analyze quarterly results of Companies listed and unlisted in Amman Stock Exchange.
      • Integrated website, supported by the Research Department , which provides the financial information, meetings and news of all Companies listed and unlisted in Amman Stock Exchange.
      • Issue weekly equity report about companies listed in Amman Stock Exchange.
      • Issue monthly economic reports about the local economy and it's effect on Amman Stock Exchange.